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The adverse international situation led to the 2011 "three door" of the foundry industry.
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In 2011, it was a difficult year for the foundry industry. First, the Japanese earthquake blocked some foundries' business opportunities, and later the European debt crisis was even more pressing for the foundry enterprises. The disadvantages of the same international situation also make China's foundry industry suffer from "three doors", that is, overcapacity, poor demand and lack of competition. The production of China's foundry industry, which has been the first in the world for the past year, has not greatly improved its production in 2011, and the sales volume has fallen sharply. The long and huge balance distortion has appeared in the embarrassing situation of oversupply. The same weak competition also makes it and foreign rivals in the market in the downwind of the market.
Though at present, the macroeconomic conditions may be improved for the foundry industry in 2012, these unfavorable factors will still impede the shipments of foundry businesses. Under the challenge of crisis era, foundry enterprises must rise to change their thinking, speed up the implementation of low carbon economy, adjust the operation structure of enterprises, eliminate backward production capacity, transform single sales way, and expand sales channels with e-commerce platform. In this way, the domestic foundry industry can occupy a position in the world. No longer depends on production ranking first, but relying on quality to win a word of mouth.
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