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The demand for aluminum castings in China is constantly improving
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The production of die casting in China began in the late 1940s. After decades of development, it has become one of the major production and consumption countries in the world. According to the composition of die castings, aluminum alloy die castings and magnesium alloy die castings are developing rapidly. The average annual growth rate in 1995 -2003 is 11.95% and 35.45% respectively. At present in the Chinese automobile industry with "automobile engine cylinder, piston, pump, gearbox, brake for the communications industry to" communication system (GSM, CDMA, 3G, PHS etc.) mainly transmitting and receiving station, elevator industry with escalators and moving out "as the representative, and the application of electronic information the computer equipment industry as the representative of the hot die casting products.
With the development of the global foundry industry, the demand for each casting is increasing. In recent years, many automobile manufacturers will replace the cast aluminum castings, especially aluminum castings demand in the continuous improvement.
The production of alumina and electrolytic aluminum in China is the first in the world. And has abundant labor resources and huge market, which provides a good foundation for the development of China's aluminum die castings industry. Under the trend of global economic integration, the focus of global die casting production is shifting to China.
In all aluminum alloy castings, the die casting is about 1/3. It can be seen from the previous table that the production of aluminum castings and aluminum alloy die-casting parts in China has been increasing in recent years, and the proportion in global production is also increasing.

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